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Go Green!

Great Britain Tile supports the green movement by offering products from companies who take responsibility for preserving our environment. These companies save energy, use renewable resources, and work towards creating eco-friendly flooring.

Here is some information from several of our suppliers. For more product information, please contact us or look for these companies while you shop online.

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Making green claims is easy. Making green differences is a bit more difficult. For years, Mohawk has been an industry leader in actively seeking innovative ways to recycle, reduce, reuse and renew. We've learned that successful energy-saving initiatives and eco-friendly flooring options work for everyone: our business, our industry, our neighbors, our immediate environment and our entire planet. So we're always exploring new ideas to make our products and processes more sustainable and reduce our use of natural resources.

Visit here for more information on Mohawk Greenworks and green flooring products including hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile available through Great Britain Tile.

Daltile stands for beautiful design in every way possible. That's why we've introduced Greenworks. Our philosophies and operating practices that are dramatically reducing our impact on this earth. Greenworks means a thorough dedication to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. So with Daltile products, great design needn't be compromised in order to protect the remarkable designs nature has provided for our inspiration.

By their very nature Daltile's products have always been an earth-friendly design element. While not specifically part of the LEED certification process, the life cycle of materials is increasingly becoming a consideration for eco-friendly projects.

Simply because ceramic tile can last much longer than soft surfaces, as well as all other hard surfaces, it won't likely be replaced for decades.

The fact that ceramic tile finishes can last more than 50 years also makes our product a highly cost-effective option because of its lower life cycle cost. According to the Life Cycle Cost Study published by the Tile Council of North America, ceramic tile costs less per year than all other floor finishes over the life of a building because of the longer useful life.

APC Cork Living RoomAPC Cork's, cork flooring has become very popular with institutional as well as home owners. It provides a look that is unique an environmentally safe alternate to other flooring products.

APC Cork's, cork flooring uses the material extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree, which only grows in the forests of Mediterranean countries. The largest concentrations of cork flooring plantations are found in Spain and Portugal.

The bark, which becomes the cork flooring, was designed by Mother Nature to protect the tree during its average 500-year lifespan. Not only is the bark inherently fire resistant to temperature changes prevailing in those regions, to more than 38 species of insects, including the termite, and to the development of microbes.

It is important to note that only the bark is peeled off to be used for cork flooring every decade. The tree itself is never felled. The bark is a vegetal tissue made by an agglomeration of dead cells filled with air and lined with alternating layers of cellulose and waxy substance called suberin.

Hence the cork oak tree scientific name: Quercus Suber. By using cork, we keep the forest alive and the habitat undisturbed. Visit here for more information on the APC Corks environmentally-friendly products available at Great Britain Tile.

EcoDomo Recycled Leather Tiles present value combined with exceptional beauty, character, and resilience. Like all leather tiles, our tiles will develop a patina over time and reflect the uses and characters of the inhabitants of the space. However, to our knowledge, our Recycled Leather Tiles are the most resilient leather tiles on the market today available to you. Our tiles will bring a joyous touch of life and color in your home for a long time.

The EcoDomo Recycled Leather Tiles are made from natural products which are completely renewable within a 5 year cycle
leather (65%), natural rubber (20%), and Acacia Tree Bark. The Acacia tree bark is a natural binding agent which is used in conjunction with other products to ensure the consistency of the product. Acacia tree bark is made in a manner similar to cork the bark is harvested from trees which re-grow the bark over time. The harvesting does not damage the trees. EcoDomo tiles are unique in this aspect as they are completely natural and contribute to reduce landfills. EcoDomo is a member of the United States Green Building Council.

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