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Cement Tile
Encaustic Cement Tile is a classic, colorful, and durable covering for floors and walls. This type of tile is called Encaustic Cement Tile or Cuban tile in the States and various forms of Hydraulic Tile or Mosaicos Hidraulicos in other parts of the world. Now this ancient form of mosaic floor tile is available in patterns and colors to coordinate with North American decor. Order our color schemes or create your own. We offer the largest selection of cement tile available in the United States.

Cement tile/Cuban tile is a green product, created using basic earth components and a centuries old method. They are colored with natural pigments and do not give off any fumes at all. Minimum energy, except human 'elbow grease', is used to make our cement tiles. Cement Tile is the most indestructible, decorative and handsome floor and wall tile on the market. Each tile is hand made to order in the same way that hydraulic encaustic tiles have been crafted since 1857. Cement Tile is suitable for both commercial and residential appllications.

Cement Tile Mold

Picture shows: A cement tile mold used in the manufacturing process.

These tiles go by many names. They include Cement Tiles, Cuban Tiles, Mosaicos Hidraulicos , Mission Tile, Encaustic Tile, Hydraulic Tile, Carreaux de Ciment, Redondo Tile, Incrusted Tile, Victorian Tiles, Mattonelle Cementine, Baldosas Hidraulicas, Ladrilhos Hidraulicos, Impasta, Barcelona Tile, Encausti or Mattonelle Vittoriane, Portugese tegels, Baldosas de mosaicos hidraulicos also known as Manilans as Malaga in the Philippines and called simply cement tile (carrelages du ciment) in France and Belgium.

The tradition of Encaustic Cement Tiles is to create interlocking designs by making a group of 4 tiles by rotating every tile by 90 degrees in each quadrant to form one design unit. When laid side by side, these 4 tile squares also form an interlocking pattern.

Cement Tile

Picture shows: Aguayo Geometrics - Geo 10 with Costanza Border

Field tiles are often surrounded by coordinating border tiles to create a rug like design on the floor of solid color tiles... Solid color tiles are available in all colors you see in the patterned tiles.


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